Behavioral targeting with Rax

The rise of programmatic buying More and more online ad space is sold nowadays via a process called programmatic buying. What this means, is that every time a person visits a website or an app with an advertising space, this space is offered for sale on an auction. Advertisers can… Read more →

Rax the Integrator

One of our Dutch customers, PGGM, uses Rax as an Integrator tool. Like any big company, PGGM already uses a lot of data processing tools ranging from SQL Server to spreadsheet models. So why would PGGM want Rax? Every tool has their strengths and weaknesses, for PGGM, Rax' strengths overlapped… Read more →

Sessionization with Temporal Union

A common problem in web analytics is sessionization or session reconstruction: taking a series of user events and splitting the series into a set of sessions [1]. Often, it is done based solely on the timestamps of the events: a session ends after a certain time of user inactivity. As… Read more →