Rax the Integrator

One of our Dutch customers, PGGM, uses Rax as an Integrator tool. Like any big company, PGGM already uses a lot of data processing tools ranging from SQL Server to spreadsheet models.

So why would PGGM want Rax?

Every tool has their strengths and weaknesses, for PGGM, Rax' strengths overlapped with those of C#, SQL and Excel. Wherever these tools are used together Rax integrates their functionality and saves time and overhead.

Because Rax understands Excel and SQL data.

Rax allows PGGM to focus on concepts over implementation and to apply actuarial models to current SQL data. But even simple things like avoiding cut-'n-paste in Excel sheets makes Rax a productive tool.

In fact it works so well that they are willing to endorse us (in Dutch, no less!).

Meerten Zwiers
"Rax koppelt brongegevens makkelijk en efficiƫnt aan onze actuariƫle rekenmodules, dit werkt naar volle tevredenheid!"
Meerten Zwiers
balansrisicomanager PGGM