Rax the Integrator

One of our Dutch customers, PGGM, uses Rax as an Integrator tool. Like any big company, PGGM already uses a lot of data processing tools ranging from SQL Server to spreadsheet models. So why would PGGM want Rax? Every tool has their strengths and weaknesses, for PGGM, Rax' strengths overlapped… Read more →

Rax 1.2 Released

Rax 1.2 with shiny new features is now available! Get your fee Rax for SQLite copy to try it out! Regular Expressions Rax supports now Perl-compatible regular expressions to simply matching text fields, for example URLs. Rax has two new match operators: =~ (match) and !~ (not match). For example, to… Read more →

Sort by Regex

Rax string reduction, /cat(), on the IMPALA backend was not trivial to implement. The IMPALA documentation states: GROUP_CONCAT ... does not support the OVER clause, ... Effectively this means no ORDER BY on GROUP_CONCAT in IMPALA. This must be implemented eventually, because the whole GROUP_CONCAT has limited use without… Read more →

Unveiling the online journey with Rax

Introduction It is generally believed that there is a lot of valuable information hidden in people's online-behavior data. By uncovering patterns in this behaviour, we could possibly achieve better segmentation and ad targeting, better website personalization, etc. However, looking for patterns in the (online) behavioral data is not easy. It… Read more →

Rax 1.1 released

We are happy to announce that Rax 1.1 is avalaible from today! This release contains many stability and performance improvements. Most importantly: Added r'years and a'weeks magic tags to relative duration. Added a sample \ operator for sets: some_set\10 will list random 10 elements of some_set. In… Read more →